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Testimonials from Library Users

"We love our library. We feel so welcome here and love the staff. They work hard to help any way they can! We love to get books to learn, and enjoy our nightly reading time as a family!" - The Redlinger Family, Residents of Findlay Township

"My very favorite library. Always something wonderful going on!" - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"Having access to a good library fills an educational and community necessity that even online resources can never quite fulfill. WACL is one of the top libraries I have ever seen in terms of dedication, proliferation of programs, friendly service, and exceptional facilities." - Resident of North Fayette Township

"I love my library because I love to read. And I love the children's programs for my grandchildren!" - Jeannie S., Resident of Findlay Township

"We love all the library has to offer. eBooks for me, storytime for our youngest, books and summer programming for our older children!! Thank you!" - Resident of North Fayette Township

"Awesome accommodations and friendly personnel. Will use again and again!" - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"I am so thankful to have this library in our community. They have a wonderful selection of materials and provide a great setting for working, meeting, and community events. It's one of my favorite places to go!" - Resident of Findlay Township

"We all love the library because we can all play and learn together as a family." - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"Libraries are so important! I use this one all the time. Thanks for what you do - more would be even better!" - K., Resident of North Fayette Township

"This library is so wonderful. I would not be able to have so much information, books to read, help from staff with questions about how to take advantage of local events, and tax or voting info. This is a resource I use regularly. My life would be so much harder without the library." - Lyndi M., resident of North Fayette Township

"I have been a dedicated library patron since childhood. I love stopping in to check out new releases and being able to read whatever and whenever I want. The benefits of a library are countless." - Alexandra, resident of Findlay Township

"Our West Allegheny library has been the benchmark for our family. When we first came from out of state, our library helped with resources. The team always feels like home. When we had kids, our extended family here offered programs that started the love of books or topics. Our library is helpful, caring, and just wonderful!" - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"I don't know how I could keep my business going without this library and the help of your employees." - Dick W., resident of Findlay Township

"I love my library because I love to read and couldn't afford my habit otherwise!" - Resident of North Fayette Township

"I love coming to my library. My wife and I make trips together on our special days out. The staff has always been excellent to us. We also never struggle to find something new to enjoy." - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"I love the library for researching purchases, for leisure reading material, for tax forms and use of the fax machine, for DVDs, and especially for games and books on subjects of interest to my grandchildren." - Carol B., Resident of North Fayette Township

"Love my library for computer help and learning all sorts of helpful things. They are a great staff and know what resources to point me to." - Resident of Findlay Township

"Western Allegheny library has endless enthusiasm, ideas, and patience! I wouldn't trade this library or staff for any other." - Resident of North Fayette Township

"We love our library. They have always gone above and beyond for us. We have received so much information and classes here. It has such a positive impact on our community." - The Blankenship Family, Residents of Oakdale Borough

"I am an avid library user from way back to when we had the bookmobile. We are so fortunate to have the wonderful library we have now. It is run well and the personnel are helpful and friendly." - Mary L., resident of North Fayette Township

"I love my library because I joined a book club and met some very nice women who like to read as much as I do!" - Sandy P., resident of North Fayette Township

"Love bringing my kids to play and enjoy storytimes!" - Resident of Findlay Township

"The staff here at the library are so welcoming and will go out of their way to make you happy. They always have a good selection of books as well." - Jenn, resident of North Fayette Township

"Access to library material is so important to my family and me because: It teaches my kids to read. It helps broaden our horizons. It brings friends together. It provides help and assistance when you are new to an area." - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"Having such a wonderful community library that is so involved and accessible has reawakened a love for reading that I had lost. It has also helped instill a love of reading and adventure in my daughter, who always has to have a book with her to read whenever she has a few spare minutes." - Resident of Findlay Township

"This library is the best thing in town!" - Resident of North Fayette Township

"Western Allegheny library is vital to our family. We homeschool our three children and relish reading. We could not explore everything we do without the resources of our local library." - Resident of North Fayette Township

"My library makes you feel good when you walk through the door - just like the old TV show Cheers - everyone welcomes you! I enjoyed the various programs that I have attended in the past. The VITA tax program has been a great relief knowing my taxes have been prepared correctly. Keep this library growing!" - Resident of North Fayette

"Western Allegheny library has been a lifesaver for me. I have been welcomed warmly, and feel so comfortable here. The book selections are plenty and the online resources are outstanding." - Resident of North Fayette Township

"My husband and I love the library! They have everything we want and more! We've gotten experiences like tickets to local museums, books for college. We even get brand-new DVDs and video games. We love the people here too - so friendly and helpful!" - Resident of Oakdale Borough

"We love our library because it provides our kids access to so many books and games that keep them interested and playing together. It was a lifesaver during quarantine!" - The Nietupski's, residents of Findlay Township

"I love my library because of the access to e-audiobooks on Overdrive. Having tried various other ways to get e-audio, Overdrive is still the most affordable - free! And the library does a good job of purchasing new and noteworthy titles as well as fulfilling a lot of my recommendations. Thank you for saving my wallet from Audible!" - Rebecca, resident of North Fayette Township

"Best library I've ever been in. Love Yinz!" - Resident of North Fayette Township

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